A month of self care

It’s safe to say that here in England we’ve had a rather rubbish summer and I think it’s been the same for most of the world. Summer is my favourite season for a number of reasons. I enjoy the sun and sitting outside for ten minutes reading a book is a real treat, in addition […]

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Weekly Song Challenge

I was recently tagged in the weekly song challenge by the lovely Carol Anne – you can find her post here. I often find myself listening to music when I’m having a bad day with my mental health. It can block out my thoughts and transport me out of my own head. I’m not very good […]

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May’s Goals (2019)

The past couple of months I have been setting myself goals to help improve my mental health. I have found this type of goal setting really useful. Before setting goals I found myself almost floating around hoping that each month I would make progress. Now I have a focus and I push myself in different […]

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