Share your blog statistics

I love seeing how my views fluctuate on specific days of the week. I’m wondering if everyone’s blogs follow the same pattern as mine. Drop a comment below telling me your slowest day of the week and your busiest. Let’s see if there’s a pattern! Instagram  Twitter  Pinterest 

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To some 500 followers may be nothing but to me it means a lot! Thank you to all of you that have followed my blog, liked a post, commented or even just looked at one of my posts. I hope that I can continue to grow and more people can read my story. It’s been […]

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Self-care Sunday

We’ve all been there on a sunday afternoon where that Monday morning feeling begins to creep up on you. I find the best way to tackle this is with a pamper evening. This will allow you to reset yourself and prepare yourself both physically and mentally for the coming week. Here’s a little insight to […]

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A snoop around my bedroom

I love going on Pinterest and looking at people’s interiors. I also love my bedroom and am very happy with how it looks. When I’m feeling anxious it’s my little haven that I can escape to. It was decorated about 4 years ago but I still wouldn’t change anything about it. I thought I would […]

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January 2019 favourites

There’s nothing ground-breaking-ly new in this post but I thought I’d share with you some of the things I have been using and loving this January. I’m late to the party for most of the products but hey, I can still rave about them. Popsocket I often use my phone to scroll through blog posts […]

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Post a positive picture

Some days I look in the mirror and think surely there’s no fixing that! Anxiety and depression make it incredibly hard to love or even like yourself some days. Let’s do something positive – no matter how you’re feeling today go through your camera roll and comment a photo that makes you feel good about […]

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A week in outfits #2

It’s a bit of a rubbish week in outfits this week! I had a good start to the week but it rapidly went downhill with my anxiety and because of that I was feeling quite down. Anyway, I did still document some of my outfits so here goes! Saturday 19th January – We popped over […]

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