What I want to achieve at 25

At the end of June I turned 25, which seems scarily old to me. In the grand scheme of things I know it’s not old, I just feel like I’ve gone a quarter of a century and my life hasn’t really started yet. I’m yet to find my purpose. I’ve mentioned on posts before that […]

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June 2019 Goals

Every month I set myself some goals to help with my anxiety and depression. Since starting these goals I have noticed a huge improvement in my mental health. Yes, there have been some steps back but generally I am in a much better place. You can read about my previous months here: March Goals March […]

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May’s Goals (2019)

The past couple of months I have been setting myself goals to help improve my mental health. I have found this type of goal setting really useful. Before setting goals I found myself almost floating around hoping that each month I would make progress. Now I have a focus and I push myself in different […]

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April goals

At the beginning of March I set myself 6 goals for the month – you can find them here. The goals were chosen with the idea of improving my mental health and pushing my boundaries. You can read about how I achieved these goals here. Personally, I feel that these goals gave me a focus […]

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March Goals

I’m very much one of those annoying people that always needs a plan. If we’re going out somewhere I need to know when, how and why? If I don’t know the plan then I tend to get anxious and frustrated. So with this in mind I thought perhaps I should set myself some goals and […]

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