To some 500 followers may be nothing but to me it means a lot! Thank you to all of you that have followed my blog, liked a post, commented or even just looked at one of my posts. I hope that I can continue to grow and more people can read my story. It’s been […]

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Post a positive picture

Some days I look in the mirror and think surely there’s no fixing that! Anxiety and depression make it incredibly hard to love or even like yourself some days. Let’s do something positive – no matter how you’re feeling today go through your camera roll and comment a photo that makes you feel good about […]

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Anxiety is exhausting

I’ve had a rough week this week. I’ve had trouble sleeping and as a result I’ve had quite a few panic attacks that have kept me up until about 2am. It’s a bit of a vicious cycle. Now I eat lots throughout the day but by the time I get into bed I’m starving! I […]

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About Me

Despite having been blogging for almost a year I don’t think I’ve actually introduced myself. I thought now might be the best time to do so as I have really got into blogging lately. I hate having so write ‘About Me’ so apologies if this sounds stilted and awkward – I am an awkward person. […]

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Next of Kin

If you read my post A Rubbish Start to 2019 then you will know that a couple of days ago my partner was involved in a hit and run accident. Thankfully he has not suffered extensive injuries, however a couple of trips to minor injuries were required. On our first visit we arrived an hour […]

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