A trip to Shoreham with my mum

During the week my mum and I visited Shoreham together – she’s a photographer and so it was the perfect playground for her. The weather was beautiful but freezing. We did a different walk around the village so that I could take some pictures to show you all the spots that I missed on my […]

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A snowy walk at Knole

We had snow here in Kent over the Weekend – not much where I live, but enough to make everything look that bit prettier. On Sunday we decided to visit Knole to have a walk in the slush-like-snow. It was a beautiful sunny day with blue skies and apparently the rest of the world had […]

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A Snow Day

There was once a day when I adored snow! The first sign of the soft flakes falling from the sky would fill me with a childish excitement. This year we have had quite a bit of snow but by the morning it has melted. I have these pictures that were taken last year and thought […]

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A January Weekend

January is a depressing month in itself, it doesn’t tend to need any help from those suffering with their mental health. I want to continue this year talking about my mental health. For too many years there has been a stigma around mental health problems but thankfully times are changing.┬áThis year I have decided that […]

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