March Goals

I’m very much one of those annoying people that always needs a plan. If we’re going out somewhere I need to know when, how and why? If I don’t know the plan then I tend to get anxious and frustrated. So with this in mind I thought perhaps I should set myself some goals and […]

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How I cope with panic attacks

Unfortunately there’s not a specific set of symptoms which you can tick off and know that what you are experiencing is a panic attack. Panic attacks come in all shapes and forms. It can be quite difficult to understand what is happening to your body the first time you experience a panic attack. The NHS […]

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Share your blog statistics

I love seeing how my views fluctuate on specific days of the week. I’m wondering if everyone’s blogs follow the same pattern as mine. Drop a comment below telling me your slowest day of the week and your busiest. Let’s see if there’s a pattern! Instagram  Twitter  Pinterest 

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To some 500 followers may be nothing but to me it means a lot! Thank you to all of you that have followed my blog, liked a post, commented or even just looked at one of my posts. I hope that I can continue to grow and more people can read my story. It’s been […]

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15 Questions About Me

I thought I would tell you a little bit more about myself in the way of 15 questions. To make it more interesting I have also delved through the archives and found lots of old pictures to share with you too! 1. Do you have any nicknames? Liz is kind of a nickname, my little […]

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