Christmas Gift Guide – Her

Last year was the first time I wrote a Christmas Gift Guide and I absolutely loved it! I’m a self confessed shopaholic and end up doing the Christmas shopping for most of my family. I have based the Christmas Guide for ‘Her’ on what I would like to receive on Christmas morning. I hope this […]

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To some 500 followers may be nothing but to me it means a lot! Thank you to all of you that have followed my blog, liked a post, commented or even just looked at one of my posts. I hope that I can continue to grow and more people can read my story. It’s been […]

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Self-care Sunday

We’ve all been there on a sunday afternoon where that Monday morning feeling begins to creep up on you. I find the best way to tackle this is with a pamper evening. This will allow you to reset yourself and prepare yourself both physically and mentally for the coming week. Here’s a little insight to […]

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Tips for beating a cold

I have a lot of colds! It’s the beginning of February and I’m already on my fourth cold of the year. I eat well and yet still always catch these colds. Anyway, lets forget about my terrible excuse for an immune system. Having had so many colds throughout my life I thought I would share […]

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Being judged for wearing make-up

I would consider myself to be an open minded individual that respects everyone’s  opinion. However, one thing that really annoys me is men who think they have the right to dictate whether a woman should wear makeup. Or even express an opinion as to whether or not or how much make up someone wears. The […]

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A Week in Outfits #3

I thought I would keep these posts up. They encourage me to make a little bit more of an effort most days. I feel that when I put a little more effort into my appearance then my general mood is that bit better all day. It’s not a full week of outfits as some days I couldn’t be bothered. I […]

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A snoop around my bedroom

I love going on Pinterest and looking at people’s interiors. I also love my bedroom and am very happy with how it looks. When I’m feeling anxious it’s my little haven that I can escape to. It was decorated about 4 years ago but I still wouldn’t change anything about it. I thought I would […]

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January 2019 favourites

There’s nothing ground-breaking-ly new in this post but I thought I’d share with you some of the things I have been using and loving this January. I’m late to the party for most of the products but hey, I can still rave about them. Popsocket I often use my phone to scroll through blog posts […]

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