The Real Neat Blog Award

THE REAL NEAT BLOG AWARD I love being tagged in these kind of posts, it reminds you that you’re part of a community! You may remember that I took a little break from blogging, during that time the lovely Amy over at Sassy Cat Lady for nominating me – you can find her post here. Thank […]

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Why I love blogging

As some of you may know I started this blog before my mental health began to deteriorate. If you scroll back far enough you will find some hidden recipes (with very bad pictures to accompany them). My intention was to document my gluten-free and vegetarian diet. I had great fun sharing recipes and trying out […]

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I’m taking a break

Hello, everyone!   If you don’t follow me on Twitter you won’t have seen my post announcing that I am taking a little break from my blog. You can follow me here.   Stress and illness has put a strain on my mental health and I have seen a deterioration in myself. I’m going to […]

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Mental Health Misconceptions

Mental health is a difficult topic to understand, even those of us who are going through it are learning every day. I thought today I would share with you the top 5 misconceptions that I have encountered with my mental health problems. It’s okay not to understand mental health completely but the misconceptions below demonstrate […]

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A year since I had Norovirus

Today marks exactly a year since I was hit by the norovirus. I thought about completely ignoring the anniversary but I decided instead that I wanted to confront it. I know that today my anxiety will be off the chart and it will most likely be the worst day I have had since this day […]

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Spending Time Alone

Some people really struggle spending time on their own. When my mental health was at its worst and I was suffering from depression, the last thing I wanted was to ever be by myself. I hated myself and I constantly needed to be distracted in fear of having to confront the person I was at […]

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We bought a flat!

This weekly update is a little different as on Monday (14th October) we picked up the keys to our first home together! I thought I would write an overview of the week as opposed to boring you each day with all the painting and cleaning that I’ve done.  

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