A trip to Shoreham with my mum

During the week my mum and I visited Shoreham together – she’s a photographer and so it was the perfect playground for her. The weather was beautiful but freezing. We did a different walk around the village so that I could take some pictures to show you all the spots that I missed on my […]

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A week in outfits #7

This week got off to a very bad start, however I managed to get myself back on track again. Friday has been difficult, I think it’s because I had no plans and so I was forced to confront how I was feeling. Saturday 23rd February –  We popped to Bromley to do some shopping today. […]

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A week in outfits

I love looking at people’s posts like this and find it gives me inspiration for outfits and so I thought I would share with you what I wore during the week. I started it on the Saturday as I was just too impatient to wait until Monday! Saturday 12th January Saturday night I slept terribly […]

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