My Top 6 Christmas presents

If you read my previous post you will know that Christmas had lots of ups and downs for me (mainly downs). However, I did still have a lovely time and wanted to share my favourite prezzies with you! Just a little disclaimer to say that I’m not showing off – As a self confessed shopaholic […]

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Christmas Gifts – For Foodies

I’m a huge food lover (if you hadn’t already guessed from my blog posts!) and so I love getting food or drink related presents. Below are a few of my favourite gift ideas – I warn you now there’s quite a variety! I hope that you can gain some inspiration from my ideas for any foodies […]

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Christmas Gifts – For Her

I think of myself as being very easy to buy for, I like lots of things! However, I also know what I don’t like. According to my partner I’m easy to buy for myself, however when it comes to other people buying for me I’m too fussy – He may be on to something here. With this […]

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