Christmas Gift Guide Books 1

Throughout the past year I have been reviewing all the books that I have read in preparation for my Christmas Gift Guide Books. This is the first of three posts detailing and reviewing all the books that I have read this year. You’ll notice that I have a ‘type’ when it comes to books. I […]

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Autumn Date Ideas (AD)

Autumn’s weather can be unpredictable and sometimes a little disappointing, however that does not have to stop you from enjoying a date (or two!). Those cold, dark nights are the perfect romantic backdrop for a relationship to blossom. The cold weather brings about thoughts of cozying up on the sofa with blankets, hot tipples and […]

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A snoop around my bedroom

I love going on Pinterest and looking at people’s interiors. I also love my bedroom and am very happy with how it looks. When I’m feeling anxious it’s my little haven that I can escape to. It was decorated about 4 years ago but I still wouldn’t change anything about it. I thought I would […]

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(Valentine’s Day) Gift Ideas

Valentin’s Day is always a little bit of an awkward holiday and requires the whole ‘what are we doing this year?’ chat. Personally, this year we’ve decided to only get each other a card as we’re trying to save. Previous years we’ve done presents, meals out or day trips out. I thought I’d share with […]

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(Valentine’s Day) Date Ideas

I thought I’d compile a list of date ideas – ones that I have tried and ones that I would like to try. With Valentine’s Day coming up it’s nice to celebrate but sometimes going out for a meal with the rest of the world’s loved up couples isn’t as romantic as it may first […]

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My Favourite Books

If you’re looking for an intellectually challenging book full of adventures and excitement then I’m afraid I have to tell you that these books are not for you. I have a very simple taste in books. Generally the storyline goes something along the lines of – girl hates her life, girl moves somewhere to begin […]

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