A week in outfits #8

This week has been a good one. I’ve been out almost everyday. The weekend felt like a bit of a disappointment but this gave me the motivation I needed to ensure I had a good week. You can read about my weekend here. Here’s what I got up to this week and what I wore.

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A week in outfits #7

This week got off to a very bad start, however I managed to get myself back on track again. Friday has been difficult, I think it’s because I had no plans and so I was forced to confront how I was feeling. Saturday 23rd February –  We popped to Bromley to do some shopping today. […]

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A week in outfits #6

If you read my weekend update you will know that I had a pretty bad week. This reflected on my outfits for the week. I’m afraid there’s nothing too exciting but here goes! As promised I will continue to document my weeks in this form as an insight into both my outfits and my mental […]

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A week in Outfits #4

I’ve had a very difficult week. I’ve been feeling really ill with a cold. It’s my fourth cold so far this year and so my mental health is suffering too. I’ve been upset with myself as I feel like each week I alternate between either being depress or being ill (and depressed). I don’t feel […]

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A week in outfits #2

It’s a bit of a rubbish week in outfits this week! I had a good start to the week but it rapidly went downhill with my anxiety and because of that I was feeling quite down. Anyway, I did still document some of my outfits so here goes! Saturday 19th January – We popped over […]

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