A month of self care

It’s safe to say that here in England we’ve had a rather rubbish summer and I think it’s been the same for most of the world. Summer is my favourite season for a number of reasons. I enjoy the sun and sitting outside for ten minutes reading a book is a real treat, in addition […]

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My favourite Hot Chocolate

During the winter I love a hot chocolate treat night. I spotted a tiny bit of cream left over in the fridge and thought I would whip it up and make some hot chocolate. This is a very basic recipe but I thought I’d share it with you because it’s my absolute favourite! I make […]

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Christmas Gifts – For Foodies

I’m a huge food lover (if you hadn’t already guessed from my blog posts!) and so I love getting food or drink related presents. Below are a few of my favourite gift ideas – I warn you now there’s quite a variety! I hope that you can gain some inspiration from my ideas for any foodies […]

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A halloumi feast 😍

This is a dish to stay away from if you’re trying to diet! It’s a potato and halloumi feast 😍 To make this you will need: – 1/2 an onion – 1 leek – 2 carrots – Handful of baby tomatoes – 1 pack of halloumi – 2 potatoes – Oregano 3 tsp – Smoked […]

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